About Parks and Recreation Plans

A Parks and Recreation Master Plan is designed to evaluate the state of recreation in a particular area and to develop a plan, with specific goals and objectives, for improvements over an interval of time.  Parks and Recreation Plans help formalize the community’s ideas for future development and are a useful tool to secure outside financial support.

The Ypsilanti Township Parks and Recreation Master Plan seeks to involve many interests and stakeholders in the planning process.  It is the goal of the township that residents, park users and elected township officials all contribute to the ideas that will influence the growth and enhanced recreational opportunities in the area.  The township needs to know what types of recreation already exist in the area and the sorts of projects that would be relevant for residents based on age, ability, population, density, and the availability of recreational opportunities in neighboring communities. Input can be given in a variety of ways: through comments on this blog, posts on the Facebook page, attending community input meetings and by completing the recreation survey that can be accessed on this website.

The parks and recreation plan is intended to guide the township in its future park projects. It will also be a strategic document to articulate specific goals to various agencies and organizations that may fund local recreational and park improvement projects. Specifically, the plan will be developed in accordance to the guidelines for Community Park, Recreation, Open Space, and Greenway Plans published by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  Local and state grant authorities, such as the DNR,  require an up-to-date 5-year recreation plan to be eligible for any funding.


One thought on “About Parks and Recreation Plans

  1. you have a good online presence–how about saving money by stopping the sending of everyone a paper catalog several times a year–not the best use of paper or resources

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