Updating a Recreation Master Plan

Ypsilanti Township Recreation Master Plan

Ypsilanti Township is in the process of updating its Recreation Master Plan to serve as a guideline for improvements for recreational facilities and programs throughout the next five years.  The planning process will include input and ideas from various stakeholders and will seek to develop a plan that reflects the needs and interests of the Ypsilanti Township community.  This website is used as a way to encourage participation and inform all interested parties on the updates of the planning process.  Take a look around the website and please, let us know what you think!

Ford Heritage Park

Why do you visit Ypsilanti Township Parks?

Here’s what you told us in our recent online survey:  why_visit_chart

Are these the reasons you are visiting our parks?  Please offer your comments below.

So, what do you think?

We recently offered an online survey to ask your your input about Ypsilanti Township Parks and Recreation.  That survey is now closed.  However, we’d still like to hear from you – especially if you didn’t have a chance to take the survey.  We encourage you to let us know your thoughts about Ypsilanti Township parks.  What do you like about them?  Are they meeting your needs? What could be improved?

Please provide your comments below.


15 thoughts on “Updating a Recreation Master Plan

  1. Wish there was a way to make the fishermen more responsible for the trash they leave behind(fishing line,hooks,plastic worm containers)

      • we have the same problem at Appleridge park. Unfortunately the folks that use that park simply do not care enough to pick up after themselves. We drove past last night, saw all the trash and counted about 5 bins there…more than enough.

  2. I just took the survey and was expecting a general comments section at the end. I wanted to comment on Rolling Hills county park being in the township and spending money to duplicate amenities, like disc golf, would be redundant and a waste.

  3. Would like to see Ford Lake cleared of trash and debris. The walkway link between Grove Road to North Bay Park is littered with trash in Ford Lake and smells terrible and looks disgraceful. The fisherman along that path leave all sorts of trash. Please have the Lake cleaned. The floating trash is not accessible from the pathway or I would have cleaned it myself. Needs to be accessed from the lake. Ford Lake is a beautiful and precious jewel to our area. We need to appreciate it, keep it clean and share it.

  4. Would like to see a very nice beach area on Ford Lake with water slides, etc for children and family to play on. Also, boat docks so boaters could stop and enjoy Ford Lake Park. Currently, there isn’t room to dock a boat with loading and unloading of boats is too crowded in the summer. Fisherman being able to fish on the boat ramps is very dangerous and should be used strictly for boaters as boats could get tangeled up in the fishing lines. A connection between the boardwalk and the golf course )Eagle Crest) would be nice so that walkers would have somewhere to stop and eat. No current eating areas on Ford Lake. That would be very nice.

  5. A skate park would be nice to have, maybe more community events.

    A dog park would be awesome. I hate having to drive all the way over to platt road just to get my dog some exercise. I am sure there are a lot of people that would want the dog park and we could charge for it and monitor the park better then swift run to make sure people are paid.

  6. We need equipment in Bud & Blossom park. One piece was removed 2 years ago and there hasn’t yet been a replacement for that. The other few pieces are so old–the moon bars bend when kids climb on them! I have made this request before but have yet to see any progress.

  7. A dog park is way overdue. I use the parks solely for dogs’ walks, but they can’t get exercised well enough on a leash. Remember: an exercised dog is a good dog!
    Otherwise, I LOVE our Township parks and am very proud of them.They are beautiful, plentiful and very well kept.It’s a crying shame the way some users leave litter and trash laying around, especially at the bleachers, when there’s plenty of trash cans handy.

  8. What are the plans for the old trailer park on Ford Boulevard that was recently cleared?
    The township needs a dog park.
    Also, what are the plans for Thurston ECDC on Russell St.? It is completely fenced, has lots of parking,and is pretty handy right off I94—GREAT PLACE for a dog park.
    Swift Run on Platt is used a lot, but it’s so far away.

    • I would like to see one also somewhere over south of 94 as over in that area would be far away for us by Lincoln as well. Maybe by the State police station or at Ford Lake.

  9. thank you profusely for not allowing a marina / gas stop to be built on ford lake (at least not yet.) the degree of boating is currently just about the right amount, notwithstanding the dangerous personal watercraft that speed excessively and generally act like drunken fools.
    it is nice to welcome the saline and emu rowing crews to the lake, spring and fall. there is some potential danger though to the folks who fish off the new scull launch on the northeast side of the lake.

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